Cargo Collective:

Meet the artist

Hi there!ย My name is Yuval Salingar, I am an Illustrator and Visual Designer born in Tel Aviv and based in Jerusalem, Israel.ย I am passionate explorer & creator, a vivid colours lover, curios Illustrator and enthusiast about animation.ย I am Studying Visual Communication at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, starting my 4th year while focusing on Illustration.ย In my work I put a lot of emphasis on hand drawing and non-digital techniques, usually combining digital work in the later stages of work. I feel this type of work is very unique, and I enjoy integrating and exploring such methods and tools.ย Recently I have returned from Utrecht, where I studied for a semester at the HKU. There, and also along my studies at Bezalel, I find great interest in the research process. During that, I can dive deep into various subjects in which I find inspiration in. While doing so, I spend a lot of time reading and exploring methods, formats and facts that help me develop my creation process.

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