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1. What’s your story? Where are you from?

I’m Yi Hansoo, born in Seoul, South Korea and I’m still living here. I’ve been painting for books and magazines as a freelancer. It has been 7 years so far.

μ΄ν•œμˆ˜μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ‚¨ν•œ μ„œμšΈμ—μ„œ νƒœμ–΄λ‚˜μ„œ μ„œμšΈμ—μ„œ μ‚΄κ³  μžˆμ–΄μš”. 7λ…„μ „λΆ€ν„° μΌλŸ¬μŠ€νŠΈλ ˆμ΄ν„°κ°€ λ˜μ–΄μ„œ 이제 λ‹€λ₯Έ 일은 μ•ˆν•˜κ³  μ‚΄κ³  μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.


2. Tell us about your aesthetic.

Being twisted and sarcasm is the basis of my aesthetic. They’re exactly how human beings actually are.

말μž₯λ‚œμ΄λ‚˜ λΉ„κΌΆ. 그게 μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ΄ μ‹€μ œλ‘œ ν•˜λŠ” 짓듀 κ°™μ•„μš”.

3. What is your favourite medium and why?

Pencil. Easy but very tricky to me.

μ—°ν•„. κ°„λ‹¨ν•˜κ³  λ™μ‹œμ— μ–΄λ €μ›Œμš”. λŠμž„μ—†μ΄ 맀λ ₯적이죠.

4. What is your artistic process like?

Reading books, my old diaries and short memos I write from time to time. And re-write them briefly down on my mobile. Then I sketch them sitting my desk chair in my study. I don’t prefer to draw my things in a crowded spot like a cafe. But when I have to do sometimes like in the metro and bus being surrounded by people just to kill the boring time, I used to find out their panic faces for the contents in my drawings which are not very proper to be shown in those places.

주둜 μ±…μ΄λ‚˜ μ˜ˆμ „ 일기듀, κ°„λ‹¨ν•œ λ©”λͺ¨λ₯Ό 읽을 λ•Œ 그리고 싢은 주제λ₯Ό μ–»λŠ” κ±° κ°™μ•„μš”. 그리고 그것듀을 ν•Έλ“œν°μ— λŒ€λž΅μ μœΌλ‘œ λ‹€μ‹œ 적어놓고, μž‘μ—…μ‹€ 책상에 μ•‰μ•„μ„œ μŠ€μΌ€μΉ˜λ₯Ό μ‹œμž‘ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. μΉ΄νŽ˜κ°™μ€ 곡곡μž₯μ†Œμ—μ„œ μž‘μ—…ν•˜λŠ” κ±Έ λ³„λ‘œ μ’‹μ•„ν•˜μ§€ μ•Šμ•„μš”. μ§€ν•˜μ² μ΄λ‚˜ λ²„μŠ€κ°™μ΄ λΆλΉ„λŠ” κ³³μ—μ„œ μŠ€μΌ€μΉ˜ν•΄μ•Όν•  λ•Œλ„ μžˆμ§€λ§Œ_주둜 κ·Έλƒ₯ μ΄λ™μ‹œκ°„μ„ λ–Όμš°κΈ° μœ„ν•΄_ μ£Όμœ„μ— μžˆλŠ” μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ˜ λ‹Ήν™©ν•œ ν‘œμ •μ„ 보게 λ˜μš”. 제 그림의 λ‚΄μš©λ“€μ΄ 그런 μž₯μ†Œμ—μ„œ λ³΄μ—¬μ§€κΈ°μ—λŠ” μ ν•©ν•˜μ§€ μ•Šμ€ 것 κ°™λ”λΌκ³ μš”.

5. Who and/or what inspires your work?

Flea market, common souvenirs, winter, bodies, cigarettes, black humor, sarcasm, mystery, conspiracy, Russia, history, medieval times.

λ²Όλ£©μ‹œμž₯, ν”ν•œ κΈ°λ…ν’ˆ, 겨울, λ‹΄λ°°, 윑체, λΈ”λž™μœ λ¨Έ, 말μž₯λ‚œ, λ―ΈμŠ€ν…Œλ¦¬, 음λͺ¨λ‘ , λŸ¬μ‹œμ•„, 역사, 쀑세.

6. What role does art play in your life? How does it change the way you view the world?

I’m a left-handed person so I have no idea how the right-handed person takes an advantage since I haven’t used my right hand to do something at all. Likewise, I have been drawing during all my life so far so I haven’t recognized how the art actually works to my life and the world. Well, It’s technically equivalent to soulmate for me. Yup, I’m not very lonely for it, come to think about it. But I will say that I’m a truly lucky guy for I’m doing my favorite thing to live. Actually, it now gives me lots of responsibility more than ever.

μ €λŠ” 사싀 μ™Όμ†μž‘μ΄μΈλ°, 였λ₯Έμ† 작이둜 μ‚΄μ•„λ³Έ 적이 μ—†μ–΄μ„œ μ™Όμ†μž‘μ΄λ‘œμ„œμ˜ λΆˆνŽΈν•¨μ„ 잘 λͺ°λΌμš”. λ§ˆμ°¬κ°€μ§€λ‘œ, 그림을 그리지 μ•ŠμœΌλ©΄μ„œ 지내본 적이 μ—†μ–΄μ„œ 그림이 μ €μ—κ²Œ μ–΄λ–€ 역할을 ν•˜κ³  μžˆλŠ”μ§€ 깊게 생각해본 적이 μ—†μ–΄μš”. λ§ν•˜μžλ©΄ λŒ€λž΅ μ†ŒμšΈλ©”μ΄νŠΈμΌ 수 μžˆκ² λ„€μš”. μƒκ°ν•΄λ³΄λ‹ˆ 덕뢄에 외둭지 μ•Šμ€ 인생을 보내고 μžˆμ–΄μš”.
ν•˜μ§€λ§Œ λ‚΄κ°€ κ°€μž₯ μ’‹μ•„ν•˜λŠ” 일둜 생계λ₯Ό 꾸릴 수 μžˆλ‹€λŠ” 건 맀λ ₯적이죠. ν•˜μ§€λ§Œ λ§Žμ€ μ±…μž„κ°μ„ 주기도 ν•΄μš”.


7. Where did you study?

In Seoul only.


8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m really not sure. Greenland probably. Just because, Greenland.

잘 λͺ¨λ₯΄κ² μ–΄μš”. κΈ€μŽ„μš”, κ·Έλ¦°λž€λ“œ. κ·Έλƒ₯.

9. What about in ten?

As far as I know, I just don’t want to be in very hot countries where I can’t deal with its intensely- no merciful-humidity. Summer is not my season.

ν•œκ°€μ§€ ν™•μ‹€ν•œ 건 λ”μš΄λ‚˜λΌμ„œλŠ” 있고 싢지 μ•Šμ•„μš”. 여름을 μ•ˆμ’‹μ•„ν•΄μ„œμš”.

10. What do you hope to achieve with your art?

I’m not into making cuties. I wanna show the very familiar things but people actually don’t face to. Convincing them isn’t my purpose, but everybody needs to know pretty things also can be fallen, and ugly things are very natural and also the valuable things in everywhere that we can exist for them, toilet, for instance. I just don’t wanna hide them on purpose.
some might say that arts need to be a pretty reward for this shabby vicious cruel life and messed world. Well, I don’t see them that way.

κ·€μ—¬μš΄ 것듀을 κ·Έλ¦¬λŠ” 데에 관심이 μ—†μ–΄μš”. λ‹Ήμ—°ν•˜μ§€λ§Œ μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ΄ μ™Έλ©΄ν•˜λŠ” 것을 λ¬˜μ‚¬ν•˜λŠ” 데 관심이 λ§Žμ•„μš”. μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ„ μ„€λ“ν•˜κ³  싢진 μ•Šμ§€λ§Œ, 예쁜 것도 타락할 수 있고 μ•ˆ 예쁜 것도 μžμ—°μŠ€λŸ½κ³  μš°λ¦¬κ°€ μ‚΄μ•„κ°€λŠ” 데 ν•„μš”ν•œ κ²ƒλ“€μ΄λž€ κ±Έ μ•Œ ν•„μš”λŠ” 있죠. 예λ₯Ό λ“€λ©΄ 변기같은 κ±°. 그런 κ±Έ μΌλΆ€λŸ¬ 숨기고 싢지 μ•Šμ•„μš”.
μ–΄λ–€ 이듀은 삢이 κ³ λ‚œν•˜κ³  세상이 μ–΄μ§€λŸ½κΈ° λ•Œλ¬Έμ— μ˜ˆμˆ μ΄λΌλ„ μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μ›Œμ•Ό ν•˜λŠ” 게 μ•„λ‹ˆλƒκ³  말할지도 λͺ°λΌμš”. κΈ€μŽ„μš”, μ €λŠ” μ‚Άκ³Ό 세상이 κ·ΈλŸ°μ‹μœΌλ‘œ 보이지 μ•Šμ•„μš”.


11. Now, tell us a little more about you as a person: what is your favourite food?



12. Favourite book?

It depends. I used to read Agota Kristof and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In recent 5years, I’ve been reading books about microhistory and customs

κ·Έλ–„λ§ˆλ‹€ λ‹¬λΌμš”. μ˜ˆμ „μ—λŠ” 아고타 ν¬λ¦¬μŠ€ν† ν”„μ™€ 마λ₯΄μΌ€μ¦ˆλ₯Ό 많이 μ½μ—ˆμ–΄μš”. 졜근 5λ…„ λ™μ•ˆμ€ λ―Έμ‹œμ‚¬μ™€ 풍속사에 λŒ€ν•œ 책듀을 읽고 μžˆμ–΄μš”.

13. Favourite genre of music?

No genre, I just take it if it’s good for me.

μž₯λ₯΄λŠ” μ—†κ³ , μ’‹μœΌλ©΄ λ“€μ–΄μš”.

14. What are your hobbies?

cleaning. It brings relief to me.

μ²­μ†Œ. μ•ˆμ •κ°μ„ μ€˜μš”.

15. If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I have no idea. I just wouldn’t want to be a cafe owner. It’s definitely not my life.

λͺ¨λ₯΄κ² μ–΄μš”. κ·Έλƒ₯ 카페 사μž₯은 되고 싢지 μ•Šμ•˜μ„ κ±° κ°™μ•„μš”. μ œκ°€ ν•  수 μžˆλŠ” 건 μ•„λ‹ˆμ—μš”.