Instagram: @drawnfromthemind

Meet the artist

I am a digital artist from Carlisle Cumbria in the Uk. I do all of my work through Instagram and online because I have an illness but it doesn’t hold me back from grinding and pushing my art forward. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve as an artist while also keeping my style. Half of my body of work is comedy and podcast related while the other half is different series of pieces. I have a youtuber, viner, tv and film series of artwork and I add to it each week. Once I am at 50 pieces per series I am planning on collating the work and making one big piece. Art has given me a feeling of accomplishment I wasn’t able to get elsewhere because of ill-health. In a way it’s both saved my life and become it. Thank you for reading this and I hope my art can inspire you to push towards your goals or at least illicit a smile.

Looking for

Freelance Jobs, Collaborations, Mentorship Opportunities, Networking Opportunities