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Twitter: @kate_lynn_hicks

1. What’s your story? Where are you from?

I’m originally from St. Catharines Ontario, which is close enough to Niagara Falls that its easier to say that I’m from there and I’m now living in Oakville Ontario which is close enough to Toronto that it’s also easier to say that I’m living there. I’m a recent grad from Illustration at Sheridan College were I spent my thesis year focusing on comic making and using my music inspirations in my art. I first decided to become an artist in the second grade when we were asked to draw our dream profession. I drew myself painting a skyscraper which couldn’t be further from what I do now. In my perspective class I was told that my perspective may not be right but I guess you can get away with it. I was always drawing as a kid and was super inspired by cartoons. Another breakthrough in my art journey was drawing my first anime eye in the 5th grade and feeling like an unstoppable artistic powerhouse.


2. Tell us about your aesthetic.

I’ve been drawing cartoons since I was a kid and I feel that’s still very much apart of my work. I like to create art that’s bright and fun. Colour is also a big part of my work and I always like to bring a bit of humour into my pieces as well.

3. What is your favourite medium and why?

I work mostly digitally, I like having the ability to not move for hours in order to change water or make unfixable mistakes. But mostly I like the freedom it gives me. I do like to bring traditional textures into my work like acrylic, ink or pencil. And when the mood is right I love painting with gouache and doing ink drawings.

4. What is your artistic process like?

My artistic process is coming up with an idea, getting very excited about it then working on it non stop until its done. A more detailed explanation of my process would be I start with doing a bunch of small, terrible, thumbnails then move on to slightly larger, slightly better roughs. Another round of pencil drawings at size or bigger, then I scan that in and start working digitally. Usually before the digital stage I have an idea of how I want the piece to look, but that always seems to change at least a little bit (or a lot). I like to allow myself to be open to experimenting with how I render the illustration.

5. Who and/or what inspires your work?

I’m really inspired by music, I alway wanted to be in a band but my musical talents never panned out, so I write comics about bands and make illustrations about music instead! I also look for inspiration in animation, comics, fashion and nature.

6. What role does art play in your life? How does it change the way you view the world?

Art is a major part of my life, its one of those things that I’m always excited about and its my favourite thing to do. I feel like it makes me pay attention to things more, finding new inspirations and artists to look at is like a hobby for me.


7. Where did you study?

I studied Illustration at Sheridan College.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Since I just graduated I’m feeling overwhelmed/excited with the amount of things I want to try. I definitely want to keep learning new skills and maybe those will lead me in a direction that I never pictured myself in. But as of right now making illustrations and writing comics is the dream.

9. What about in ten?

I got nervous when you said 5 I can’t even imagine 10. I hope to have a couple of cats, that’d be really great.

10. What do you hope to achieve with your art?

I want to make people happy! I also want to keep making art that makes me happy!


11. Now, tell us a little more about you as a person: what is your favourite food?

This is a tough question… I’ve been eating a lot of grilled cheeses lately, so right now I’d have to say that.

12. Favourite book?

The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine. I read it so much as a kid and I’m still really nostalgic for it.

13. Favourite genre of music?

I listen to a lot of different types of music, but mostly anything loud.

14. What are your hobbies?

I like taking walks and hanging out with friends playing nintendo games or watching shows from our childhood (anime…). I also think about playing D&D more than I actually get to play D&D unfortunately.

15. If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I would love to learn how to sew and make clothes, I should add that to my to-do list for hobbies.

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