Cinematic Inspiration With better filming gears and CGI effects, I often found myself dazed with high-quality visuals and the movie itself, and could not process right after it ends. But a good film inspires us and lightens our world. It will not stop the moment when we finish, instead, something lays latent at the back of our memory, which would come up one day (or not), could it be a scene, a quote, a moment of epiphany, making changes to our lives with rippling effects.

This project you’re invited to is called Cinematic Inspiration, where you create posters from your own selection of films. A film poster is like a concentrated fruit juice that tells enough about a movie to attract audiences, might it be the main characters, a metaphor, a theme or something hidden. Therefore it is an interesting form for artists to present their own comprehensions of the film. I’ve been doing this for a while as a documentation of the films I found meaningful. It is a fun personal project. It would be great if you could join me and share with me your worldview through your creations and selected movies.


Yang completed MA in Illustration at UCA Farnham, UK (2016). Currently, she is a freelance illustrator based in Macau, China. Yang works with both digital and traditional materials such as collage, watercolour and graphite drawing. She likes to draw her characters faceless, which possess a sense of quietness and detachment, yet evokes familiarity. Having a literature background, her narrative approach is subtle and metaphorical, often with a touch of humour.

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