Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be featured! How do I submit my work?

Great! Visit our submissions page here . We’ll review submissions every week and inform you if you’re invited to be a featured artist!

Artists? You mean those who draw or paint?

We welcome all types of artists who make art using various mediums – food (i.e pastries), crafts, photographers, etc.

I’m self-taught. Can I participate in this?

Sure, why not? Many artists learn techniques by their own exploration. We’re glad to feature you if you fit into our curation!

English isn’t my first language. Can I still do the interview?

Art is a common language amongst artists, let no language barrier hinder you! Interviews in all languages are encouraged! However, your interview has to have an English version for our international readers.

Are there any guidelines to the interview answers?

Yes, be free and as genuine as possible! Write with your personality as we would like to keep the interview as natural and raw as possible! We try our best to edit grammar and spelling mistakes.

I’ve submitted my work. Why haven’t I heard from you?

We may have missed your submission or felt that it wasn’t the right time to process your application. You may re-submit if you wish.

Why is my content removed from your site and social media?

Your content would only be removed upon your request, if you violate our Terms and Conditions or if you’re an rude abusive person towards us (unlikely, right?). Do be nice, we try our very best to solve any issues (but please don’t involve us in personal feuds, we’re not here to play judge and jury!).

I have a suggestion/just bored and wanna talk!

Email us at or dm us on social media! We’re all ears!