It’s an awesome platform to not only learn about other artists, but also to understand their work a bit more through their insights. It’s always much more interesting to know a little about the artist, rather than just seeing the work by itself.
Lore Mondragón
It’s incredible. Honestly, it’s one of the very best places to find the most amazingly talented artists. I discovered Ballpit a couple of years ago & fell in love. I visit the site every other day & stay posted on the latest Instagram updates as well. Such good stuff!
Jon Halan

I’ve got to know so many artists who create beautiful works around the world. It is a wonderful platform that allows me to get inspired by people and artworks from diverse cultural background — this makes me feel so comfortable and connected. I love to see instastory updates on fun topics too!

Cindy Kang

I teach drawing and design at the college-level and have always included your website as a visual resource for students to learn about and discover new artists as well as an example and reminder on the diversity of career paths pursued by creatives. Thank you so much for all your work!!
Fuko Ito
As an artist, I am grateful that you guys have been working so hard to support artists from all around the world!! Really looking forward to see more artists who use different kind of medium, maybe ceramic artists or even street artists. Keep it up!!!
Kezia, Art Director in Singapore

I love your publications on Instagram, it’s always interesting and inspiring, like a tiny little stage with good lighting and setting.

Ela Naiman, illustrator from Tel Aviv

I think what Ballpitmag team is doing helps to inspire coming up artists like myself to have more exposure and to build our self-confidence in the original content that we create. It’s also a great platform to be inspired by other artists and see what’s new in the industry.

Vanessa, illustrator/designer from Malaysia