You’ve read thousands of stories, here’s ours.

Ballpit is an online magazine dedicated to sharing the incredible work of contemporary artists and designers. We started in late-2016 with the goal of helping upcoming students share their work and we have grown into a library of sorts with thousands of inspirational stories. We believe the world we live in has never been more creative so pick up a ball and join us on this creative march.


World Curators

Rossella (@rossenrica) & Carla (@carlagrima) are creatives from Malta that curate positive collaboration between creatives across Malta to encourage greater synergy between individuals and brands whilst shining a spotlight on Malta-based talent both locally and internationally. See their curation here or here.

Hermann Koudou (@hrmn_k) is an artist from Creil who curates illustrators and animators. He feels that each artist has a story that is worth sharing. See Hermann’s curated work here.

Alia Woodley (@aliawoodley) is an artist from The Netherlands who curates colourful, playful illustrations. With a passion for paper art as an illustration form! See Alia’s curated work here.

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