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World Curators

Rossella (@rossenrica) & Carla (@carlagrima) are creatives from Malta that curate positive collaboration between creatives across Malta to encourage greater synergy between individuals and brands whilst shining a spotlight on Malta-based talent both locally and internationally. See their curation here or here.

Hermann Koudou (@hrmn_k) is an artist from Creil who curates illustrators and animators. He feels that each artist has a story that is worth sharing. See Hermann’s curated work here.

Alia Woodley (@aliawoodley) is an artist from The Netherlands who curates colourful, playful illustrations. With a passion for paper art as an illustration form! See Alia’s curated work here.

Tanya (@thedoodlemafia)
Marina (@talamaskanka)
Jovana (@lunjanja)
Ieva (@ievarag)
Sachiko (@sachikooguri)
Sophie (@sophiefilomena)
Sara (@yangillustration)
Aleksandar (@aleksandardumic)
Autumn (@autumnfox)
Bernardo (@bernardo_gogollari)
Gabriela (@gabidelvalle)
Dream (@dreamchenillustration)
Yi-Jou (@mich_un)
Koji (@kakkyjiko)
Sonaksha (@sonaksha)