“Suddenly, this way of presenting it, gave me ideas of how to continue”, Marina Turmo recalls. She’s referring to a time when she had to divide a large illustration to fit on Instagram’s grids. People often bemoan about the grids, but not Marina. Her feed is one of the most beautiful we’ve come across! Instagram, mess up any feed in a future update, but don’t mess Marina’s.

Village Square

Her positivity is contagious; she tells us how she started her Instagram account while suffering from a meltdown. It was the day before flying back home for the Easter Holidays when she discovered her flight had been cancelled. Feeling disappointed, she promised herself to make something good out of the situation “in order to be able to look back one day and see the silver lining.”

Like many artists,  Marina was initially insecure about showing her work. She tells Ballpit, “with each post, I learnt new things about how to present my work and how to use social media as a tool for getting visibility. It encouraged me so much, that I set myself a guideline: to post a drawing every day, even if I didn’t have any ideas.”.

There’s a puzzle in here somewhere

Day by day, Marina found herself drawing beyond the roof (both literally and figuratively) of her illustrations. “I thought I could keep on drawing the tops of the roofs, a forest, a pond, a cabin… And this way I would have a very unique feed, a little world in my Instagram account.” she explains.

Every grid is filled with immaculate detail. Clicking on each individual square brings you up close, almost as if you’re amongst the trees. If that isn’t your thing, join a little man fishing at the lake. Perhaps, you’d prefer rubbing shoulders in the village square?

Tiny London

Moving to London where she didn’t have easy access to a scanner didn’t stop her from developing this growing city. “New city and new medium! My Tiny London had started.”, Marina shares about the latest addition to her tiny world. A stark contrast to the quiet countryside, Marina now draws tall buildings and children playing by the street. Check it out for yourself by visiting her Instagram @marinaturmo. You’ll spend hours looking at all the tiny details just like we did!