We live in a period of time where adjectives such as “strong” and verbs like “fight” are used when speaking about Women. Women are celebrated for knowing what they want and achieving their dreams. “In this eventful period for feminism, I felt the need to highlight women, in a peaceful and positive manner.”, Megane Chikhani shares with Ballpit, “So, I decided to draw the portraits of women who inspire me on a daily basis.”

Megane is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Switzerland that loves challenging herself. Recalling a challenge last October, she shares with us how making one drawing per day for the entire month eventually led to her organising her first ever exhibition! “A huge success for the huge procrastinator I am”, she humbly explains.

Jessica Walsh

Her latest project features illustrations of Women who have been a source of inspiration during her life. Megane tells Ballpit, “because they fought to achieve their goals or because they represent and fight for values that I admire.” One of these Women is Jessica Walsh, an American Graphic Designer. To Megane, Jessica has always been generous and ready to share her experience. “She manages to combine her convictions, dreams and doubts in graphic design projects that are very interesting.” shares Megane.

Sophie Fontanel

The next woman Megane shows us is Sophie Fontanel, a French writer and fashion journalist. Inspired with her word-play, Megane feels Sophie has enabled her to see fashion from a different angle. “She’s always playing with words in a modern and poetic way.”, Megane tells us excitedly. Finally, Megane shows us her last illustration of an elegant figure. Her name, Marie-Agnès Gillot.

Marie-Agnès Gillot

Megane tells Ballpit, “I discovered her through a documentary on her life as a prima ballerina at the Paris Opera. I was hypnotized by her energy and the beauty of her dance. She’s a very strong woman, that knows what she wants.I admire the way she fought against her health problems to become the best. Although she became very famous, she remained simple and human.”.

You can see more inspiring Women over at Megane’s Instagram @megchikhani. Most importantly, we’re happy to be sharing the work of Megane. Her selfless nature in sharing the stories of others through illustration and her contagious positivity is one all should learn from.

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