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Meet our first pick of 2019, @sofiacrvo! Her story of  improvement is one that all should learn from this year. She shares with Ballpit, “Back in the day, my work used to be flat and black & white. Little by little, I started to add dimension to it and now I am experimenting with colours.”. A wonderful tip from Sofia – carry a notebook around with you! ” It’s funny because sometimes I happen to have ideas in the middle of the street or when hanging out with friends and I have the urgent need to stop to write. ” explains Sofia. Read more about her story at ballpitmag.com/portfolio/sofiacrvo/.

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Hello! My name is Bárbara Tamilin, I was born in a small coastal town of Espírito Santo, in southeastern Brazil. At 18, I moved south in a big capital and started to study Sociology, but after two years, I gave up. I started studying at the Federal Technological University of Paraná and today I work as a graphic designer and illustrator.

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I’m Ramzy and a freelance illustrator working in Korea. I work in the field of illustration and design. I’m attracted to cute things and my paintings usually have cute cats and lovely feelings.

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I am originally from the south of Germany, a small town called Nuremberg. I grew up there, my grandfather was a stage painter and has passed on his passion for art in the family.

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I’m Kelly Romanaldi, an illustrator and graphic designer from Vicenza, Italy. I attended an artistic school, where I learned traditional art. Then I bought my first digital tablet: at first it was difficult, but over time I managed (finally) to find my style.

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